Evening meal and activities

After enjoying our evening meal and outdoor activities, we started drawing one of our next visits, Warwick Castle. The children used sketching techniques to add shadows and depth to the drawings.


8 thoughts on “Evening meal and activities

  1. Hope you have a great day tomorrow theo and have a good night sleep make sure you change your trouses tomorrow love you missing you so much xx

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  2. Hi ava hope you having an amazing time miss you love from nan. Hi ava looks like you having lots of fun love you and me and Lillie miss you xx.

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  3. Hi Holly. It looks like you’ve had an amazing day. Have a good night’s sleep ready for tomorrow! Missing you and love you loads love mum, dad and Eva xxx

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  4. We’re all
    Missing u very much Jesse ❤️ Thursday can’t come quick enough xxx night sweet heart xx love u from mum dad harry Alfie xx

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